In your world, I don’t belong
I don’t belong in your songs
Now I can see that something was wrong…
I just belong in your fantasies
I’m kind of a tasty cream
That you added to your tedious life scheme
I was just mere parentheses…
That’s exactly what it seems.

Instead, you belong everywhere…
In my life, in my heart, in my thoughts
And that sounds unfair
Because you were never there
When I most needed you
My poems belong to you
But I'm sure that what I wrote in them
Will never come true

Illusion is your name, I guess…
Though you live inside my heart,
You tore it apart, I must confess…
You got into my life out of the blue,
Like a breeze that was passing through…
Like a hungry bird looking for food you came,
But I didn’t have a clue that I would feel so blue
For not belonging with you…
I should have known better about the love game

It's a shame, but I must not complain…
While it lasted, it was really sublime
You’re the whisper of a lonely passion
That became an obsession to me for some time…
I fell in love and that's not a crime
You came into my life one day
Then, out of the blue, you slipped away…
Sadly, we did not even kiss goodbye

Ouvindo Love Me - Norah Jones
Luna Mia
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