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        " The only life possible and reinvented " ( Cecilia Meireles )

You reader ( a) may be thinking , we can reinvent life ?

We as children , we internalize social symbols , norms, rules ,
Finally , a range of ideas , especially adults , will instilling in the subconscious mind.

This process social scientists call socialization. The child does not yet have the maturity and insight to rationally evaluate right and wrong .

Until now a certain point in life , ( eg adolescence ) she already has more maturity to evaluate a little more the events of his own life .

The child is born into a particular culture , be it Christian , Jewish , Islamic , spiritualist etc.etc .
She suffers a tremendous social coercion , particularly by means of social communications , which imposes standards of behavior . It too much pressure undergoes the group to be such and act as such.

Thus , it is concluded that the outside world exerts tremendous influence ( generally negative , typical examples , the propagated drinks , cigarettes etc. . ) In shaping the personality of the human being .

As adults age, there comes a stage where you " throw it all out " , and from his own thinking and values , discerns his own path to follow . That way you want to map yourself ! . Nothing external impositions !

I give here my own personal testimony . I was raised by uncles , my father died, I was even born . I was born there fifteen days.
And all life was living a lifestyle that my parents and uncles imposed me , or lived what " others determined what I live."

In 2000 , after my mother died , I had enough of everything! . In all that was choking me ! .

And I decided, from that day forward , I would be my own " I " . I follow my own path . The path that my reason determined .
As I've read a lot from teenagers , therefore , had a good crop and came to the conclusion that " reinvent my own life " , into new patterns of behavior !

I reached my thesis I call BALANCE OF PERSONALITY homeostatic , ie , I am fully convinced that, as the human being is an INTEGRAL being , spirit, mind and body, and none of these parties can thrive alone , concludes that the AUTO KNOWLEDGE , is the key to being happy! .

Are you looking for yourself in a large indoor diving, digging their own walls of " self."

 Therefore concludes that the harmonization of spiritual, physical and emotional factors , results in the balance of personality , ie , happiness own ! . ( including 7 written texts , called the 7 paths to happiness published in the Letters Nook , where I write : )

From this thesis , I was reinventing my own life ! . And found my own way to be happy ! . And I did ! Thank God !
Every day I practice my thesis and I can assure you that it really works ! .

I can assure you reborn from the year 2000 . Much has changed for the better in my life . Today I have a certain autonomy . I'm more confident in everything I do. 'm Safer , thanks to strength I receive from Heaven High I feel I am on the right path to happiness . Clearly . Complete happiness that only the " other side of life "
Our earthly happiness is extremely limited . But it's a nice start! .

REINVENTING OWN POWER . Started by reinventing my feed . Today I can say that as well . As quality. Balanced ration : 1/ 3 of carbohydrate , 1/3 of animal protein and 1/3 of minerals.

Reading , and by necessity , arrived to a mixture ( mix) that I take daily in milk or juices , which I call happiness juice. Consisting of: whole oats , soy extract powder, wheat germ , wheat bran , Bolivian quinoa real powder, flaxseed powder, sesame seed, cocoa powder, cinnamon , Brazil nuts and half nuts.

Today I can say with certainty that I know (more than my doctor ) the workings of my own body ! . This is vital to be healthy ! . Today I know what I should or should not eat ! .

All this to prove to myself that my thesis is correct ! . And I was not disappointed . Is giving all right !
On the other hand , this requires a lot of determination ! . Without also understand where you're going , do not get there .


( Descubra-o! . Intelligent and you must know himself ( a) ! . )

Practical dihydro- gym twice a week. It is very healthy . Why ? Because the exercise, the human brain releases the so called " endorphins " , or the relaxation hormone, giving physical and emotional well being.
Also releases neurotransmitters called , like, serotonin is the hormone of well being, good mood , happiness anyway. When it is insufficient in the brain , the person enters into depression . What is depression ?

Is nothing more than a problem of brain chemistry .

Stress is a major trigger of physical, psychological and emotional problems because it breaks the body's homeostasis , ie , the harmony or balance of neurotransmitters .

SPIRITUAL PART - This is the physical part . The spiritual part is the most important of all , in my opinion .
Without a God to believe , ( Fe ) is difficult our journey through this land . Your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit , Jesus said ! . Therefore we must take very good care of him .

Spiritual I say , is not necessarily to have a religion . You have unwavering faith in God and follow what He left us by the prophets , through the Holy Scriptures .

The main characteristic of human being is that he was endowed with the so-called free will or free choice . We are the fruit of our choices !
When chosen well , the consequences are good . When we choose evil, the consequences are bad . It is the law of life .

I believe every human being has a special mission here on earth . He is born to fulfill a specific function.
God has endowed us with talents and we multiply these talents for the benefit of others in the community .

Therefore my dear ( a) reader ( a) , it is possible yes, reinvent their lives ! . Are you the manager himself ! . And as such , must WELL manage their talent .
Make them work not only for its own benefit , but also of their fellow , after all, being happy is SHARE !

Start and you will see that a new oxygen will reign in your physical body and emotional well !
Success !
( * ) Author is Writer and Communicator of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire planet . Live in São Paulo , SP . Know his BLOG LIVE WELL(BEM VIVER) - http:/ / ( self-knowledge , Spirituality and Healthy Life ) and his philosophical and poetic link: / authors / antonibigcuore

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