The Chaos Theory

Although the word chaos also means confusion or disorder, in physics it has another meaning, namely: "Practically unpredictable behavior exhibited in systems governed by deterministic laws, and which is due to the fact that the nonlinear equations governing the evolution of these systems are Extremely sensitive to variations, in their initial conditions; So a small change in the value of a parameter can generate large changes in the state of the system as it has a temporal evolution. " - Aurelio Dictionary - 21st Century

I decided to approach the theory of the North American meteorologist Edward Lorenz by the relation of the same one with the events that happen in the world, in our day to day and by scientific curiosity.

The theory states that a small change at the beginning of any event may have unknown consequences in the future. That is, if you do an action right now, that will have an outcome tomorrow, though unknown. Lorenz theorized that a simple event had such a disorderly behavior as life. He came to this conclusion after testing a computer program that simulated the mass movement of air. In search of an answer Lorenz typed in a number that fed the calculations of the machine with a few decimal places less, in the expectation that the result would have little change. Surprisingly, the small change completely transformed the pattern of the air masses. According to him, it would be as if the flapping of a butterfly's wings in Brazil would later cause a tornado in Texas. Based on his studies, he formulated equations that demonstrated the "butterfly effect." This gives rise to chaos theory.

Later, some scientists also concluded that the same unpredictability appeared in almost everything from the number of times the eye blinks to the stock exchange's price.

Instigated by the essence of the theory, I thought it would be interesting to just start some events and pass on to the reader the responsibility to build the end of them. Let's see:
- fall in the New York Stock Exchange, due to the breakdown of financial institutions in the United States ...
- Transit of São Paulo ...
- increasing pollution at the global level ...
- parallel power of drug trafficking in Rio de Janeiro ...
- start exercising the brain (considering neural chain reactions) ...
- start the day with bad mood ...
- start the day of well with life ...
- (...)

In writing this text, I thought of interacting with the readers so that he would participate in the idea contained in the dissertation. In fact, I find it boring with linear processes, where the author does not give the reader / spectator a chance to establish other ways of seeing the proposal, be it literary or not.
At the time that I wrote this text was academic of the course of Physics - UFSM - Pole Herval
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