What I understood from The alchemist.

The book we going to talk about was written by Paulo Coelho, whom can be considered one of the most influencials authors in the world. It was first published in 1988, Brazil, and since then it has been analized and also read by millions of people around the world.

It is just a speculation, but since my years in High School the Alchemist references came into my book list not like a book I shoud read because of its substancial literary composition or importance of persuit our dreams, but instead, it reached me through a sort of cliche.

It came up to be a cliche to me  because each moment I heard about it was as though the main reason it should have been read  was merely because the Paulo`s work is a bestseller, in view of the fact that everybody had done it and it was also a good book, I just needed to read it as well.

I am not pointing out all those informations are not important at the first contact when we are leafing through a book, or even talking to friends and asking for suggestions. They are. The boiling point of this introduction or yet what is being rasing up here is how many author`s work have been known like something that just worth to be read because its coming from a short term current stream or a show off felling that solely pulls us out to crave that book to be the next one on our bookshelf.

The schools have forced us to read the Classics, we don`t read them. We should but we don`t and fairly one of the reason is that  everybody appreciates freedom at the readings habits and the school does not give us this option. Then, we get used in mind that neither classics nor any other book is interesting.  So, when we get home it  is easier to read about famous people life than any title. But, what is that related to the cliche we were talking about?

After school we have on our background all the importants books we had have read, but is actually rare to find a student that really does it. Sometimes the problem is how the books were brought up to us. It just keeps going after our academic life. Sometimes we definitely do not know how to talk about them and finally how to pass their meanings and teachings out.

I heard about The alchemist but did not about Omens or Personal Legend neither about how a short literature filled up with a mixture of religious teachings can be at the same time enriching as well as inspiring, once it lodges us out a ton of possibilities related to how we could set our mindset up and our way of living. So, I found convinient I should weave a tiny review about this book which I spent two weeks to read (just because I negleted my time, you can easily read it within a week) and show up how was  important to develop a sort of book review where I could try more than just generic ideas and the same opnion about it as we can find in many reviews spread out on the internet.

Simple stories tells us important things that are stored up just in humble cases. That reflection sticked in my mind after I was done with this book and even when I am reading children classics. It is clear how this enchantment over the world builds up an atmosphere by which the feeling that everything is really part of a plan is actually palpable and also part of a lesson that always comes up at one point. We start reading it with the feeling that everything will be great in the end, plus it also makes us feel part of it.

Everybody should have a kid classic as a bedside book.

I felt that kind of enchantment while I was reading The alchemist, it is literally easy to read as I perhaps said, and at the same time it leads us to proverbs and thoughts that soon or late through each turn of the pages will end up turning into your own independents conclusions about every chapter.
Finally, it is about a Shepherd who is trying to find a treasure. The search implies losses, lonelyness, frustrations but also precious teachings, Love and the shepherd`s reconection to his origins and mission in life. The big trick is that at the end he finds out the treasure could belongs anyone, but nobody but him was willing to folllow the omens to find it, the truth is nobody seemed to believe it was real.

I already heard something like that - the most important thing when we are traveling to any place in the world is not our final destination but all the way we have been through while we were going to that place. Then, I felt totally free to compare this travel meditation to life. We are constantly trying to reach goals or even trying to be better as a professional, as parents, as friend and in our social life as well, although during all this process we can show up the lack of balance between the living of the present and the improvements we want to get in the future, we can forget to live what really matters.

The alchemist brings up this kind of awakening and leads us to notice that there isn't a better treasure than to look inside of us and recognize from the inner who we really are as a human being here and now.

Mirela Lourdes
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