He doesn´t take risks,
he never goes out in a storm day,
he never cross the lines,
he thinks he is safer this way.
He lives no ups and downs,
his life is kind of valley,
sort of clean road 
with nothing around,
everything planned, calculated,
he doesn´t know, 
he´s been fooling around,
fooling himself with the fool thought
he was fooling life,
but life fools him a lot.
So polite, so full of manners, 
so educated..
and kind of living-dead guy.
Shame on you, he says,
you think like a crazy girl,
(oops, that I won´t buy...)
you see things that doesn´t exist,
what do you think you´re gonna find there?
Hey, dead boy, I don´t mind,
I´m not worried about that,
I don´t mind about your so planned life,
I´m not gonna live your way,
I see things you don´t see because I dare
I dare to be me, I dare just to be.
I dare to see sun beyond dark clouds
and if you really want to know,
I live ok because I just don´t care.
I think like a sinner, 
it´s all right, I forgive myself.
While you are loosing, I´m a winner.
Do not put your own books on my shelf.
I won the world, I always win,
It´s quite simple: I won myself.
Cause I don´t care,
Cause I dare.
Go back to your safe box,
Wear your black suit,
lay down on it.
You´re out , I´m in.
You ´re gone, I´m not.
Again , I win.
Débora Denadai
Enviado por Débora Denadai em 27/04/2008
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