I´ve packed my things
long time ago
Now I can´t understand one thing:
Wasn´t you the one 
who bloody wanted me to go?
I gave you the desert you asked me so,
all the time in this damn whole world
and just locked the door behind
and just let you go,
dumb, deaf and blind.
Now you want the keys back,
you say you need me so bad,
you tell me you can´t even find
your way back to yourself.
Right now,
when after being long time sad
I feel glad I took your pic from my shelf.
You don´t want me to run away,
you want me near being so far from you.
What the hell am I supposed to do?
Do as you said not as you do,
don´t try to make me smell
as a flower you once knew,
find your way out from your private hell.
I´ve packed my bags
and I can stay and talk
but your pic is loosing colors,
your smile is not the same,
you asked me to go,
you feel down, such a shame:
I´m not the one to blame.
I´m not kind of Juliet,
I can´t wait until I´m dead or old,
I can´t feed my body with your memories,
my body is not that cold,
Don´t want a pic without skin,
no fire,no blood
Do as you say, not as you do.
I ran away and what about you?
You don´t even have a clue.
I do as say, I do as I have to do.
Run away you too,
find your own way
to any place else
but I promise you
you won´t find me there
in your private hell...
Débora Denadai
Enviado por Débora Denadai em 11/04/2008
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