I believe we can say that everything can be controlled and that justice does not take long and does not fail even if we have to conquer the world, holding it between two issues that always assume d lead us always of a complete and simple loyalty to love and hate at the same time. time to learn to know this rain that we are going through as a lesson to highlight the pain in life of losing a loved one or we want to show that we love the world and that it is enough of so much violence because people want to live happy and this life is simply a matter of social well-being that we necessarily seek in good and bad ways, in which life may be being corrupted by the human dishonesty that it always wants to take for granted. I am satisfied with all the realistic capacities we have to face in order not to tarnish our feelings, which are just a circle of emotional studies that always make us act in the social environment in all the guidelines that humanity itself cannot contain.   to heal the defects under the cloth or on the tightrope of someone or everyone who wants to live happily and generally about the life that always takes us by surprise about certain attributes that we only take into account in a true and insecure tragedy that we always apprehend with society behaves so as not to fall into the social mud that always grows to untie the good heart of those who know how to live and does not want to be involved with the dishonesty of the outside world and that everyone needs support to satisfy and be safe with their families in the way great countries are showing that war is the product of peace in contradictions of great destruction that are ending and have always ended the lives of many innocents who could live a dignified life and without so many prejudices that it would take not to tarnish their magnitude and their honesty to live life like so many today might kill for pleasure and heroism in the way the world end also about great destruction caused output by greed and pel the devastating power of evil that cannot be ensured between the two bonds that do not even exist has to be the unusual and inhuman world against the social well-being that we call paradise in which we can well say how much we can do with life a school and a scale of good moral concepts that we need to establish a beautiful and simple achievement of good for life and peace and love must be honestly fulfilled and classified in the best social standards and that must be used to unmask the difficult and black life in which everything can be contained about a reconstitution of peace and love for human beings and the world has to unite because we need courage in which discipline can be established between poor and rich to standardize and restore humanity against a dangerous life of wars and destruction and everything can be established about certain ways in which respect is done like a school teaching about dishonest ways to kill and destroy the citizen's life w ell s and exercised as opposed to living because life is a contradiction of artifacts created by certain circumstances in which man does not see god as a creator who has always said in the bible that god created man out of his own likeness and heaven and earth and everything was formalized with human beings in a religious context of living and progressing in which their imagination could perhaps be more about certain ways of seeing life and seeing the world that we simply call hell and this may be originating from mortals who need support social and education is the most effective way to the door of justice in which today we cannot mix politics with religion and I think we are locking in a dimension in which we will be totalized as a minority in how much we do things behind our capacities so that we must always conquer the world and that good things tell us how perfect we are, always doing good to ourselves honestly, because tomorrow we would not be frustrated by the murmurs of life if that only makes us understand the negative side of doing things in which the world goes crazy for certain fantasies in which the dreamer and conqueror ends up being attracted and distracted by his attitudes and concepts that simply would not be worth anything and capitalism may not be the key to close accounts because the power of money cannot really buy certain evidence that justice emanates and always justifies on a chalkboard everyone who does not honestly align their role because there is evidence about certain inconsistencies that we need to understand is not enough to be sure tomorrow to be free of any unforeseen events that are inevitably all morbid society that does not see the truth and simply ends and destroys the world and their own lives that justify it there are no explanations for being the momentary world and the human being is a war machine mortal.
  I want to thank God first for my conviction to show the world in my vision that I quoted here in this book in a nutshell that there was always the old story that people will simply still believe that there is a higher and more superlative being than ever that you have been absent and you can always give your opinion on what may have happened about certain wounds and destructions that today's man may be better off learning by always living from a reality and love for others that perhaps he could not believe in peace and that this peace can come grounded and deeper in which we program a story about a life in which every question can do the best we can to highlight the life and the world simply respond in a more concrete way in which we can pacify our values and understand where they live the deficiencies that consume man in his aspects of living and dominating life that simply can be better for all of us.
I thank this book to all people who believe in a better world and that we can honestly change the world because peace will always build the love that we can only understand how we can be happy to send our own planet and a hug to all my readers!

I simply want to say in my own words that we identify with our souls when there is real proof that we truly love our lives and I mean that there is a rotating force in each of us that perhaps no one can see and that can feel it because this guarded as a function of our higher self that magically projects itself with good intentions showing its constructive side that is realistic and does not see the dark inequalities that always want to absorb from human beings as small things without qualities that we do not pay attention to things that are not alive because they are not part of the movement of life that we usually say that we are almost perfect because we must always turn our attentions on the day and night when we can spring up our deepest intimacies on the flower of nature that are capable of leading us to the true paradise that here I leave as a few words and honesty that our value can direct us to the doors of a place more advantageous that it exhales us and gives us more light that we can really identify with the true supreme nature that is real, loyal and that really makes us live and be happy because everything in life is happy even if it does not show simplicity in its attitudes because god created love and peace can really infect us with affection over all times that we will not stop fighting against the bad of life that is imperfection and we always build the fountain of youth with our qualities that we respect life and always try to benefit from pleasure and we must never cross our arms in front of the truth because we would not be going tomorrow we find the real explanation that we are living happily here or anywhere in the world because we are passing a passing rain that will properly take us somewhere else even if things stay different but we will never lose our realities of what we were and what we did becausewe are part of that paranoid universe that you let us feel that we are better people and that we will keep what we do to show someday to other people that there is somewhere somewhere hidden within you the true paradise that can be more realistic and preserved because we are in almost everything and we will never forget where our quality lives because we are really positive against the incapacities that insolate the world in which we must always build the basis of love and peace on the platform of life that we will need someday and I want to dedicate this book that I did it as proof of all my generosity and character of being a happy man who saw life on a constructive and overbearing metaphysics of living and being happy and I want everyone to keep this book that I did as proof of all potential as a writer, philosopher and psychologist that I base myself on a more euphoric time to understand the truth of life and that fantasies are just distractions that make us react about tod the contexts of achieving something and doing different things that led us to the future as real and read proofs of our souls and love for everything in life and that my words be clarified as an alternative discourse in which I gathered everything from my point of view what I have always done and loved as a realistic dream that we might as well say that paradise may be behind our courage while we dedicate from the bottom of our soul our true value of loving life and being really happy for the constructive way of living and being happy in divine paradise or our intimacies that we build with the eternal fire of god on our thoughts that really teaches us to achieve and create something of value in our lives and that they stay with all my affection and a strong hug for all my family and my friends and readers. Thank you!
I want to say with great love that I made this book as proof that human existence never went backwards as long as we remain very arrogant about our points of view in which we simply honestly appreciate life that may be a metamorphosis of dreams that we are learning with ourselves to achieve all of our goals. evidence in which the past is more constructive and the future is more superlative in which we put the right things in their place and show our values as concrete evidence that life does not stop with its rhythm as the universe is building and destroying on metaphysical aspects in which it involves us and promotes us over all well-conceived circumstances that make life build with death while death gives us more life as a sounding board that plays its rhythm as the sidereal and mental universe in which all things are created alchemical mind and establish themselves on the generalized attitudes that can establish the life of the human being on his will ade and creations in which you propose to create something sufficient for life, I want to thank god and all my friends for this work done and carried out with an educational proponent for everyone who enjoys a good literature that we assimilate the dynamics writing about mechanics alternative that we build on the thought and feeling of our constructive and realistic attitudes of making life a fantastic transformation of ideas and fascinations that we will leave as evidence that science does not stop at the subtle movements of the soul that we can pass on to all that we keep and create in the background of our consciences that we extract from our subconscious with love and affection the life that cannot be morbid but that is more alive on all the existences that we contemplate on all the affections and functions of life. A hug and many thanks to all my readers!

I want to get closer to my youth that is always deepening in a space that has always materialized me and made me search with my best intuition for the superlative realities of life that maybe today I will be able to show the best of myself and my words that are written in a magic circle both of my conquests and my losses that reached the end of days because I conquered the biggest leap of seeing life as beautiful and fundamental to our perfect qualities that are always strengthening us from daily perfections to a more conducive conduct relaxed to see and see life as it should be without so many arguments in our day to day by being perfect and complete the universal and moral planes that carry in the form of forces and against the lies from a past that we look for an answer at the end of the tunnel to simplify our love for our happiness for those who have been and who will arrive today with more parties and favor us with qualities superior to those of yesteryear that will fill us with blessed glories that make us great men the search for great achievements for life in which we are the result of constitutional pleasure the mere circumstance of living and being happy for the simple realistic and fundamental way of learning to value our lives and I want to make it very clear that everything I learned is back in all my philosophy contained in this book that opened the door to the true future that I await with love and happiness for all my life.
A kiss and a big hug to all my readers and friends who have seen and are always enjoying my books. Thank you very much!
I have been keeping in my life an explanation to go through a space that will take me to the skies because everything in my life is in fact like a dream that can commit us to fabulous accomplishments for a lifetime and that we are more perfect and idealistic with our wills because we are original people who seek a successful explanation of the most beautiful conquests for the future that makes me go through the most beautiful special creations of all nature for a sovereign foundation of a man indignant with pleasure for knowing that life is a contradiction of affections and invariable subsections that makes us consequent and inconsequential gentlemen who are aware of the existence of life no matter how well it is actually lived and covered by a white and black lace over our illusions that perhaps it may someday be us and tell us that we are free and we live equal in time for a fascinating question of our existence for a lifetime.
I want to thank you for this book that I completed this year a fraternization of theoretical concepts that were more elaborated and fascinated by my sentimental energy that reminded me of how much I suffered and learned to be more than a man in life for my better moral and intellectual classification that educated me passively about a conduct to dominate my own life that served as a shield for me and a school for me as a moral dictatorship reflected in life in my personality and love for my life. Thank you all!
I want with great pleasure and expression to dedicate this book that I made with great love and loyalty as a respect for certain origins that colonized our country, because so many that are satisfactory always show that our love can simply be maintained among an education that we could contain for a discipline in which we should have in the logic that God created the world and man and taught him the truth that I simplify here as the best Jewish teachings that show us the whole history of the Bible about man who today may be further from God and perhaps not I understand that God made us in a more logical and well-defined aspect that we must follow and we will not talk about several gods because I believe that among all of them it will always be the same because God is the same and we should transcribe this story with more intensity and love because it we would doubt his love and relationship with the human being in the land that mixed religion with politics between so many countries and I don't want to get rid of many because maybe they can even be sure because the various versions of the bible about god and which countries deflower this image in distorting varieties of the catholicism that the true story of christ is really more sensible and that god lived on earth and led man in different ends of living and learning to value his life through various existences and resistances that made man learn and understand the true history of god and the bible the true story becomes more logical, i am no longer jewish i am proud of his hard work on God and his teachings and I mean that we can understand the Jews a little and appreciate their existence on earth better and devalue their death in the Nazi concentration camps, because I think that education starts with faith and love in God and we will not taint the image of someone who may have shown a deeper love for religion and that its origins and colonization in our country become clearer than in a short interval we can better understand about Judaism and how it all started. The trajectory of the Jews in Brazil begins even before the arrival of the Cabral fleet: it begins at the end of the 15th century, when Jews, Spaniards and Portuguese were forced to convert to Christianity, under pain of being expelled from their respective countries. In Spain, in 1492, the first great Jewish migratory movement, that of the Sephardim , emerged . They left the country after the decree signed by the "Catholic Kings" Isabel de Castella and Fernando Aragão, expelling those who did not convert to Christianity. They then went on to the Ottoman Empire, to the Polish and Russian steppes, to Morocco and crossed the border to Portugal. From Portugal, from 1540 onwards, New Christians and especially those who still had Jewish religious practices intensified their efforts to emigrate to the New World. At that time, Portugal was just beginning to colonize the uncovered lands. Jews in Pernambuco . The first Jewish families arrived in Recife in 1635, when Pernambuco was under Dutch rule, had just over 10,000 inhabitants and was the richest Captaincy in Brazil. There are currently about 1,500 Jews in Pernambuco. in the 17th century, the arrival of the “new Spanish-Portuguese Christians” on Pernambuco soil. I want to talk about our origins, which started in 1635 when it was still under Dutch rule, in which we showed with great research the war between Portuguese and Dutch that dominated the city of Olinda. On a day like this, in the year 1631 the city of Olinda in Pernambuco was set on fire and plundered by the Dutch who invaded the site the previous year, altogether it was 24 years of Dutch rule until they were finally expelled by the Portuguese and Olinda is one of the most old Brazilian cities and the Portuguese conquered Olinda . Between 1534 and 1536, D. João III installed the hereditary captaincy regime in Brazil. This was characterized by the donation of a system t erreno a Captaincy, to a donee (Portuguese nobleman), that would have to explore, colonize the land, founding villages, collecting taxes and establishing the rules (justice) of the place. Among the first 14 lots distributed by King John III was the captaincy of Pernambuco, or Captaincy New Lusitania, as christened the its Giver, Duarte Coelho . Thus, in 1535, Duarte Coelho settled in the place where, in 1537, Vila de Olinda was founded. That same year, Vila de Igarassu was also founded. Until then, the inhabitants of that region were the Tabajara Indians. I want with great pleasure and expression to dedicate this book that I made with great love and loyalty as a respect for certain origins that colonized our country because so many that are satisfactory always show where our origins came from and can learn them to value our lives and our people and thank you!
I want to thank this book that I made with a lot of love and ability to show my literature that expanded in the desire to show here a relationship that was born from the silence of my thoughts about a great expression and creation that I use from the depths of my formation. there is soul and perseverance in which I learned to live and be happy and I want to show my point of view that is mentioned in this great book as real proof and I read that my literature has been approaching a larger space, the well translated bases of English to Portuguese in which they gather some texts to prove that my words are well exercised and defined between a more classic philosophy in which I involve English and Portuguese in a more intimate version of all my psychology, a philosophy that adapts to a great translation in the which my words are related more deeply about the most findável and philosophical transcription my way I describe theoretically all the I did with love and work with the me the best q texts u work as the corner of the writer of Letters and want everyone to keep this memory forever and that the fire god always remained guiding him on a platform to live and qualify our desires and work as real and true evidence that we do everything with love to show everyone l that literature has always been maintained and that my school s are more profound s there are many who haven’t taken advantage of here and i think they will like my words and creation. A hug to all and thank you very much!


I want to say that this book that I made is in a literary form that I searched in my Portuguese for Italian to Portuguese that I decipher in my words as a story in which I narrate a more vocational philosophy that I rewrote from my original texts everything I did as fascinating tales in which my sociology is more applied to a way of seeing and prescribing a more composed and idealistic life that I have been approaching a more efficient grammar as a lesson in stories that I leave here for all of you to see a little of my work mentalized in a more notion fluent and I want to thank and honor one of the philosophers of ancient Rome called Lúcio AneuSeneca or Seneca who was a stoic philosopher and one of the most famous lawyers, writers and intellectuals of the Roman Empire and I want to speak here of a civilization that is the capital of Italy which is a cosmopolitan city called Rome, the capital of Italy, is a huge, cosmopolitan city with almost 3,000 years of influential art, architecture and culture around the world and on display. Ancient ruins like the Forum and Colosseum evoke the power of the ancient Roman Empire. Vatican City, home to the Roman Catholic Church, has St. Peter's Basilica and Vatican museums that house masterpieces like the frescoes in Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel and was founded on : April 21, 753 BC .
I want to make it very clear that this great book are beautiful texts that I did with a lot of love, respect, loyalty and dignity to show a little bit of myself and everything I describe on my Thoughts and minds of wisdom website that are grouped on the Recanto das website lyrics in a magnificent construction and well elaborated for everyone to keep as personal memories of mine that here I leave all my point of view as an author and writer to all my dear and illustrious friends and thank you very much to all!
Il potere è nella nostra salvezza con onore and gloria dei nostri migliori antenati and che il suono in parole ci shows con chiarezza and loves l'anima della fantasy che ci ha creato !
I want to thank you for this work done and created by me that I made with great love in an explored relativity that I transcribe in a Portuguese and Italian translation a philosophy more focused with all my theory and logic that there are jobs beautiful and beautiful stories transcribed from my website that will be the most beautiful memories of a fabulous hero and writer who in mere circusntancias I dedicate with affection and friendship to my greatest and best friends in Recanto das Letras and I want to thank God for his encouragement to classify me as an immutable light that in my words in decipher my whole story of an author and missionary who will stay in the history of all the greatest national writers and I want to give my biggest hug to the people of Italy and the city called Rome and describe their cultural language in these great leaves that were born from an artistic and professional formality for everyone to seek in the depths of the soul the best school and educational knowledge and thank you very much to all those at heart for my intention and unfolding over the other foreign languages that surrounds us and makes us find in the words soul, gesture and color and the best glory and love that go as memories of a writer, musician and athlete for everyone in the family and thank you !
I want to talk about a more or less adventurous tour in which I put all my theory of a perfect artist on a boat of fables and scientific concepts that marked a time when I studied and revealed several sciences that I always had in mind for a little scientist and visionary dreamer of unveiling life in a more comprehensive atmosphere that will reveal to us in the future the best discovery of a small writer about his phases and contradictions of living and understanding the relativities of living and life on an unprecedented classification of a socialist concept that opened the posts of a paradise in which I have been building an atlas of emotions that I have always had in my formulations of preserving life and knowledge in which I am a supposedly studious man in whom I have always sought an ark of great values in which my soul rises together with a portal of onlyideas and ideas that when studying the universe I feel that doing was part of it and even so I could combine all the ideas in a perfect and more qualified contradiction to live and feel life as it is splendid and we can live happily ever after and that disabilities are just the remains of a generation that did not learn to see life as it is and understand the scientific origin of the universe. I describe some things as a dream in which I am a scientist unraveling the mysteries of life and I want to thank God for this book made and created by me and thank you to all my readers.
Hope is the only thing that dies last and we learn to build life with its Templars and soul over all the times we learn with life to be happy!
I want to thank you again for my work theoretically studied in depth from an analysis of all my ability in which I put in this book of science in which my philosophy and psychology that has been addressing a more scholastic area of preserving with more intuition our capacities that we believe in and we created to be and serve as a lesson for everyone in life because the logic can be and be closer to our origins of researching and seeing life as it is full of dreams and fantasies that can take us somewhere far from the earth and that we can apprehend and see better how beautiful nature is and we value our lives forever somewhere in paradise and thank you very much to this publisher and my heartfelt hugs to everyone!


I have been walking on a margin of knowledge in which I have always dedicated myself body and soul to a relativity in which my culture is more driven to a more beneficial creation in which I enjoy a visionary pleasure in which I have kept myself as an ark. of dreams that for me always represents all my fantasy and love and discovery about life in which I am a prophet who has always sought a surface of ideas that make us more optimistic about life and that reason would be something more superlative in which I see the chaotic world and I try to show something more benevolent about my theories that I put into practice of a bigger and better recognition that I have always described about everything I feel and see in life as a teaching lesson among certain knowledge bases that I enjoy as a dream and fascination for the existence of life that I simplify like a burning fire over others and I put in theory the most beautiful scriptures that time can keep and show all my children tomorrow tion of an author and writer who always had a perseverance on the cruel side of life that resembles the pain of losing something or dying for any absolution of life due to factors that predominate the indifferent functions of life reaching a certain end point called death when I try to establish more optimism about certain functions of existence against the nonexistences that are called superlative setbacks in which I myself seek the perseverance of well being over all relationships in which the functions can reflect us with better aspects and transformations in which the soul can comfort us with our extraordinary works and developments of a goal in which we are more realistic and optimistic and we seek to establish ourselves on a more cultural and creative doctrine of doing the deepest things that in everything can preserve us over the best setbacks of light that supposedly life doesn’t pass these atmospheres in front of our wills inthat we are existences against the absorptions of life with each plan being established under a more joint and communicative atmosphere of our works and dreams that we can show our potential over the other operational classes that life assigns us, leaving behind the disabilities and dysfunction that life always discourages us from being less optimistic and creative while we can show in a better and more constructive way our cultural side that is more evolutionary and built of perfect qualities and dreams elaborated on the fearless laws of all existences, making our work as something more empowered about our lives. affections and love for our culture.
Dear and illustrious friends, I have the honor of showing as an intro to my more than dreamed theories that I keep as a dream in which I express all my creation of a visionary and film director in which I always wanted to show as some story that I simply and show here as a lesson in which they are shown as an extraordinary creation of my literary fascinations in which I seek a more realistic view of a relationship of facts, sciences, tales in which simplifies all my benefiting story of a great and beloved writer that my notion is show the world that there are things that surprise us and can surprise everyone because in life there is something that drives us to be more dominant and conservative of our own existence and that the world is more prone to attributes that have always been revealed to us as it also teaches us to understand its effects and its misfortunes and that life may be perhaps more comprehensive in which we return and return from resistance. I went to the conscience for the reason of living and dying and I want to thank all my dear friends on YouTube and all my dear friends from the corner of the letters and that my relationship establishes a certain friendly fascination with all the public that sees all my videos and my whole history as a writer and thank you all very much!
The existence of creation may be contained in our will to win and create something in life that makes us feel good and that this thing is more focused on our true cultures and thank you very much to all of you!
I want to thank you for this book I made and for all my ability to show the world my relationship and the creation of a perfect writer. Literature in the country nowadays is gaining more capacity, space and social intellectuality due to its literary bases and knowledge that seek an unprecedented surface of ideas formed by great and beloved writers from all states and cities in Brazil that have a commitment and art to literally communicate with the public for a satisfaction, duty and commitment to show their culture and personal notions that has been stirring the world of information with several E-books showing you all the best in a cultural order of news, sciences and more applied technologies with a modern knowledge in our social media that always seeks to rescue a broader and more real recognition of life with a complete and correct infinity in a more theoretical notion that makes us reflect on a magical world and more effected by a class of ideas benefiting the high school class student who is looking for a simplifiable and school alternative to educate and progress in the future with more capacity and substantial return from an affective commitment to lessons from great authors and literary masters that will stay in your mind the most beautiful scriptures by great and perfect artists. Thank you!

By: Roberto Barros
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